1.5/3/6 Gbit/s straight-90° angled



NaviaTec SATA 1.5/3/6 Gbit/s straight plug to 90° angled plug

HDD SATA Data Cable 1.5/3/6 Gbit/s
Connectors:  7 pin SATA L-typle plug, straight to 7 pin SATA-L-type plug 90° angled with metal locking
Cable Lengths: 0,2m, 0,3m, 0,5 m

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Article Length EAN Code
NVT-SATA-327 0,2m 3856016515048
NVT-SATA-328 0,3m 3856016515055
NVT-SATA-329 0,5m 3856016515062

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