NFO 11-hole crossbar (bracket) with adjustable mounting on a rectangular pole

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11-hole steel crosspiece with adjustable fastening system on rectangular poles designed for telecommunication networks. The construction of the set enables, among other things, the installation of all types of extraction, through and screw holders. The adjustable clamping system in the range of 100-500 mm will allow the installation of a crossbar on most rectangular poles. The crossbar is screwed to two angles (fastening to the post) using two screws. Angles have special openings that allow for the assembly of the set to the post using two metal bands (maximum width of the band – 20 mm).
– 11-hole cross-member
– Adjustable mounting system (angles)
– Mounting screws: M14 (x2)
– Nuts: M14 (x2)
Dimensions of the crossbar:
– Length 440 mm
– Width: 40 mm
– Height: 40 mm
– Thickness: 4 mm
– Number of holes: 2×11
– Diameter of holes: 16 mm

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