NFO Cable Closure, 6 round ports

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Fiber optic cable TELCOLINE GFP-6R is dedicated to microduct connections in microcanalization. The device has 6 round ports for inserting bundles, multirur or directly microducts. The muff has a removable, rubber seal around the perimeter integrated with plugs in the form of conical surfaces, thanks to which it is possible to insert elements of microcanalization in a wide range of diameters 10 – 48 mm. Depending on the diameter of the beam, microduct or multirury inserted into the muff, cut the part of the plug at the appropriate height (remember that the diameter after cutting the plug was slightly smaller than the element being inserted). The gasket is removable and depending on the needs of the installer it can be mounted with conical surfaces to the inside or outside of the coupler. The inlets are located on 3 sides, thanks to which the connection configuration can be varied. The degree of protection for the device is IP67 (6 – dustproof protection, 7 – protection against the effects of short-term immersion in water).

– Application: cable wells, directly in the ground
– Dimensions with plugs inside: 316 x 255 x 72 mm
– Dimensions with plugs on the outside: 386 x 220 x 72 mm
– Material: ABS
– Color: Black
– Weight: 1 kg
– Number of ports / inputs: 6
– Range of diameters of elements being inserted: 10-48 mm
– Protection degree: IP67
– Working temperature:  from -30 ° C to +70 ° C

In the set:
– Mounting elements

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