NFO Patch Panel 2U 19″ – 48x SC Simplex/LC Duplex, Closed, No trays included

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Fiber optic 48 Simplex 19 “/ 2U fiber optic distribution box is designed for mounting in 19-inch data communication cabinets (standing, hanging), it allows to install 48 SC Simplex or LC Duplex adapters, equipped with a cable organizer and adapted to the installation of fiber optic trays (trays The switchboard is universal and will be used in telecommunications equipment and server rooms

Technical data
– Weight: 3.5 kg
– Maximum number of adapters: 48 (SC Simplex, LC Duplex)
– Material: Cold rolled steel – powder coated on light gray
– Maximum number of trays: 6
– Dimensions: – Mounting height: 2U (88.9 mm)
– Depth: 250 mm
– Mounting method (length): 19 ” profile

In the switch set:
– Two cable glands (photo 3)
– Mounting brackets

In pictures 4 and 5 there is a 12F weld tray, which is not included in the set. You can buy it here:

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