NFO Patch Panel 3U 19″ – 72x SC Duplex, Slide-out on rails, 6 trays

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TELCOLINE 144F – 19 “/ 3U fiber optic distribution box is  designed for mounting in 19 – inch data communication cabinets (standing, hanging), it allows installation of  72 SC Duplex adapters, equipped with a cable organizer and  six  fiber optic trays. rubber gaskets and two holes for cable glands PG.13.5  (adjustable in height) , intended for entry and exit of fiber optic cables.  the box is provided with a drawer mounted on ball bearing to  allow free access to the interior or to take off from the housing. with  the use of lock pins we can block the extension of the drawer.  Inside the switch there are six foldable welding trays, which can be  secured  with a band preventing opening. The switchgear is universal and will be used in server rooms and telecommunications devices.


• Server rooms 
• Fiber optic distributions 

Technical data:
• Weight: 3 kg 
• Number of trays: 6  
• Tray capacity: 12/24 welds 
• Maximum number of adapters: 72 (SC Duplex) 
• Maximum number of trays: 6 
• Material: Rolled steel cold – powder painted in light gray  
• Dimensions: Installation height: 3U (118 mm), Depth: 250 mm, Mounting method (length): 19 ” profile 
• Diameter of holes on the back plate: Rubber 2×16 mm, for Cable gland: 2 x PG.13.5 

Set components:
• Six fiber optic trays  
• Cable glands: 2 x PG.13.5 
• Protective tube  
• Mounting screws for adapters: 144 pcs
• Plastic cable ties: 4  
• Elements (pins) blocking the drawer’s extension: 2 
• Spare screws: 4pcs 
• Spare nuts: 5pcs 
• Splice covers: 6 packages / 24pcs

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