19″ C13 + Schuko 1U PDUs



NaviaTec 19″ C13 + Schuko 1U Power Distribution Unit

Power Distribution Unit designed for 482.6mm (19″) Cabinets

PDU includes Master On/Off Switch with protection cover
Master Surge Overload Protector
Occupies 1U of rackspace
Includes L mounting brackets
Installation is simple:  two screws are needed
Output Cable Length: 1,8m

Rated Working Voltage: 250V/50Hz
Maximum Working Current: 16A
Maximum Working Power: 3500W
Voltage protection level up:  <1000V
Response Time TA: <20nS
Insulation resistance RIS: >100M ohms
Fire Resistance: Up to UL 94V-0
Environment Temperature: -40-+70C
Relative Humidity: <=95%

Ordering Info:


Model No. Input Connector Output Connectors
PDU001 Schuko 6x DIN49440 Schuko 16A 250VAC
PDU002 Schuko 2x IEC320 C13 + 4x DIN49440 Schuko 16A 250VAC
PDU003 Schuko 2x IEC320 C13 +5x DIN49440 Schuko 16A 250VAC
PDU004 Schuko 7x DIN49440 Schuko 16A 250VAC
PDU005 IEC320 C14 2x IEC320 C13+ 5x DIN49440 Schuko 16A 250VAC