NaviaTec Surge ProtectorNaviaTec Surge Protector

NaviaTec Surge Protector

8 Schuko Outlet Multimedia Protector



NaviaTec Surge Protector

8 Outlet Multimedia Protector

Maximum Power: 230V /16A / 3500W
8 x 16A schuko power sockets with child protection
2 x RJ 11 sockets with over voltage protection for phone/modem/fax
2 x Coaxial sockets with over voltage protection for TV/Video recorder/Hifi
max energy 420 joules
response time < 1ns
EMI/RFI noise filter max 30dB
1.5m cable

**Circuit breaker controls the total power, it will cut down the electrical source once the total power is over 3500W

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