NFO FTTH Socket 1x SC Simplex/LC Duplex

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Fiber optic TELCOLINE 2F socket, 2 sockets, for DAC cables up to approx. 6mm  is the ideal solution for end-users or server rooms where there is no need to carry a large amount of fibers in one place. The socket has 1 space for a SC simplex or LC duplex optical fiber adapter, a place for the welding cover and allows for a small amount of small diameter fiber optic cables to be wound around. The slot design allows for the introduction of DAC fiber optic cables up to about 6mm in diameter through the openings on the front and back of the device, and the narrowing of the cable prevents the cable from falling out. The socket is designed for wall mounting, closed with 4 latches without the use of tools.

Characteristic features / Application: 
• End customer or server room 
• Aesthetic appearance 
• With ratchet for 4 snaps without the use of tools 
• For optical fiber DAC cables 
• Lightweight design 

Technical data: 
•  Weight: 200g 
• Dimensions: 122x88x24 mm 
• For DAC cables with diameter up to 6mm 
• 1 to cover the weld 
• 1 on the adapter SC simplex or LC duplex 
• 2 over the cable DAC stenosis of zapobiekającym loss cable 
• winder supply of optical fiber 

elements of the set 
•  two screws + dowels 
• the cover cap 
• Linkage

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