NFO Metal distribution box 12x SC Simplex/LC Duplex

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The GFM-12 metal distribution box  has been designed for mounting in various conditions. Powder coated (electrostatic spray) will provide resistance to corrosion as well as low and high temperatures in outdoor installations. The degree of protection for the device is  IP65  (6 – Dustproof protection, 5 – Protection against water jetting on the housing from any side). The construction of the box allows it to be mounted on telecommunications poles (accessories included – brackets, metal clamps, screws) and flat surfaces (4 holes on the back panel). It is equipped with 4 holes (ø max. 24 mm) for main and distribution cables with rubber plugs and the possibility of using cable glands. The internal boxes are equipped with 12 ports for SC simplex optical fiber adapters, or LC duplex The set includes a screwed fiber optic tray for 12 splices (24 in the case of double splices). The box has been adapted for the management and organization of fibers and fiber optic cables (patch cords, pigtails, customer cables, distribution cables). The GFM-12 distribution box is a suitable solution for building local LAN networks, FTTx broadband telecommunications systems and CATV systems. 

– Dimensions: 300x280x70  mm
– Weight: 2.5 kg 
– Protection level: IP65 
– Tray holder capacity: 12/24 
– Working temperature: -25 ° C ~ + 55 ° C 

Accessories included:
– Splice tray: 12/24 
– Protective tube
– Insulation tape 
– Plastic clamps 
– Metal clamps (pendants): 2 
– Pole mount bracket: 2 
– Metal bracket clamps: 2 

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