Fiber optic cable 24 Fiber ADSS, multitube (4 Fiber / Tube), diameter 10.5 mm, G.652D, 4 kN


The single-mode optical fiber cable TELCOLINE 24J ADSS is a multi-tube cable construction (4 fibers per tube) , reinforced with a FPR (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) central rod and aramid fibers. Sumitomo G.652D Japanese optical fibers were used with a reduced impact of -OH (Zero Water Peak). The cable is completely dielectric, characterized by very high resistance to torsion and pulling, where the maximum installation stress is up to  4kN.  In addition, the tubes contain a hydrophobic gel that protects the fibers against vibration and moisture. Outer shell made of HDPE polyethylene characterized by high resistance to water, UV radiation and high temperatures (up to 80 ° C). Two thin lines (ripcords) were used to facilitate the removal of the outer coating of the cable. We will use TELCOLINE 24J ADSS cable in overhead networks on spans up to 100 m , and in teletechnical duct. 

Type of fiber: G.652D 
Number of fibers: 24 
Number of tubes: 6 (4J / T) 
Amount of fillers: 0 
Outer diameter: 10.5 mm 
Minimum bending radius: 100 mm 
Type of outer coating: HDPE 
Weight: 80 kg / km  
Maximum installation stress: 4kN 
Maximum working stress: 3.5 kN 
Working temperature:  -40 ⁰C ~ +80 ⁰C

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