144F Optical Cable ADSS144F Optical Cable ADSS

NFO Cable ADSS, SM, G.652D, 144 fiber, 12 tube, 15.6 mm diameter, 4kN, 5 km



Very strong cable with multi-tube construction (12 fibers per tube) designed for overhead installations on spans up to 150 meters. It was reinforced with a central FRP rod (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) with a diameter of 3.3 mm and aramid fibers. Single-mode G.652D fibers have been used, which have a reduced “water peak” (Zero Water Peak). The cable is completely dielectric, characterized by very high tensile strength (maximum installation stress 4kN). The fibers are contained in tubes filled with a hydrophobic gel protecting them against moisture and vibrations. The outer shell is made of high-density HDPE polyethylene (black), resistant to UV radiation, as well as low and high temperatures (from – 30 [° C] to 70 [° C]). In addition, one ripcord was used to facilitate the removal of the outer sheath. In addition to overhead networks, the F-ADSS-MT-144J.4KN-12F cable will be successfully used in teletechnical sewage systems. 

Fiber type: Singlemode 
Fiber type: G.652D 
Fiber number: 144 
Number of tubes: 12 (12J / T) 
Number of fillers: 0 
Outside diameter: 15.7 mm 
Minimum bending radius: 157 mm 
Type of outer coating: HDPE 
Weight: 185 kg / km  
Maximum installation stress: 4 kN 
Crushing strength: 2 kN 
Operating temperature: from – 30 [° C] to 70 [° C] 

– Overhead networks (bays up to 150 m) 
– Teletechnical sewage system

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