NFO Splice Closure, 4 inputs, 16 outputs, Wall or Pole mount

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Fiber optic coupler TELCOLINE GFP-16Chas four inputs for the trunk cable and 16 outputs for client cables. It has been designed for wall mounting with the possibility of installation on telecommunications poles. Thanks to the high degree of protection IP67 (6 – dustproof protection, 7 – protection against the effects of short-term immersion in water) and durable and solid construction is ideal for overhead, earth and sewage installations. The device has 4 hinged fiber optic trays with the possibility of laying up to 24 welds on each. The coupler is additionally equipped with a space for the installation of 24 SC simplex or LC duplex optical fiber adapters. Polypropylene PP, on the basis of which the muff was produced, is characterized by very good chemical resistance, high electrical insulation and does not absorb moisture. In addition, it protects against low and high temperatures (from -30 ° C to +80 ° C) and UV radiation. All sealing inlets and outlets are rubber sleeves, and the two central inputs on the main cables are bipartite. The maximum diameter for inlet pipes is 18 mm. The construction of the muff allows free access to its center in the event of service, maintenance or installation of new components.

Technical data:

– Dimensions: 388 x 242 x 128 mm 
– Material: Polypropylene PP 
– Weight: approx. 4 kg 
– Color: Black 
– Number of welding trays: 4 
– Max. Number of welds: 96 
– Number of places for adapters: 24 x SC simplex or LC duplex  
– Degree of protection: IP67 
– Working temperature: from -30 ° C to +80 ° C 

In the kit for the socket:
– Splice covers: 96 (length 60 mm) 
– Protective tubes for the distribution of fibers 
– Metal clamps: 4  
– Metal bracket for installation of the muff  
– Mounting screws: 2 
– Insulation tape (black) 
– Plastic cable ties: 5 
– Ports for the port: 4 
– Alkopad (handkerchief with alcohol)
– Key to port chokes

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