NFO Splice Closure for storing cable/30m for a 3mm cable

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Fiber optic cable Telcoline GFP-2S is designed to store subscriber cable. The design allows the assembly of two SC simpex or LC duplex adapters, and two weld covers. The coupling is adapted for wall mounting (3 holes on the back panel). The housing is made of PC material, resistant to UV radiation, low and high temperatures, pollution and dust.There are 3 rectangular openings on the bottom wall of the socket. One of them is blinded by a removable nylon gasket through which it is possible to pull the subscriber cable. The other two plugs are an integral part of the housing, which can be removed when it is necessary to install fiber optic adapters. On the top and side panels there are round, integral plugs to be removed if you need to leave the cable outside the device. The housing is made in light beige, closed with two latches and a cam lock.

– Dimensions: 175x150x40 mm
– Reserved capacity: 30 m for a 3 mm cable
– Color: Light beige (RAL 1013)
– Material: PC material
– Number of seats per adapters: 2 (SC simplex or LC duplex)
– Number of places for welds: 2
– Working temperature: -35 ° C ~ + 75 ° C

The set
includes : – 3 wall plugs
– 3 screws
– 2 lock keys

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