NFO Splice Closure 3 round entries, 1 oval, 6 trays, Height 300 mm, Pole and Wall mount

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The TM.048.3.1 vertical fiber  coupler  is a device designed to protect the optical fiber splices against atmospheric conditions and against mechanical hazards. The design and additional accessories allow the device to be installed in overhead, earth and sewage installations. The coupling has been equipped with 4 fiber optic trays (cassettes) with the possibility of placing up to 12 welds on each (double welding position). It was made of polypropylene (PP), which guarantees resistance to UV radiation, low and high temperatures as well as substances occurring in the teletechnical sewage system.  After closing the device is hermetic,   IP68 protection(6 – Dustproof protection, 8 – protection against the effects of continuous immersion in water ) . The muff is equipped with 3 round ports and one oval port. The set includes a clamp for mounting on a telecommunications pole, and screwed brackets for wall mounting. The bottom of the device has a muff vent (photo number 5). 

– Height: 300 mm 
– Diameter of the hood: 120 mm
– Case material: Polypropylene (PP)
– Number of trays / optical fiber cassettes: 4
– Maximum number of welds: 48 (4×12)
– Number of ports: 4 (3 round / 1 oval)
– Internal diameter of round ports: 22 mm
– Dimensions of oval port: 22×34 mm
– Working temperature: – 40 ° C ~ + 65 ° C
– Tightness class: IP68


– Overhead networks 
– Sewer networks 
– Ground installations 

– Trays / fiber optic cassettes: 4 
– Cable port seals 
– Bracket + bracket for pole mounting 
– Insulation tape 
– Splice covers: 48 
– Markers  
– Air vent

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