NFO Splice Closure, Horizontal, 3 inputs/outputs

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The TELCOLINE T-TH4015 fiber-optic coupler  has been designed to provide long-lasting protection for fibers and welds, it is equipped with 2 trays that allow you to connect up to 24 fibers. The muff allows easy management and organization of welded fibers. It can be used for ground and overhead installations. Made of UV-resistant plastic. It has three cable entries with a diameter of up to 12mm providing excellent protection. 

Dimensions: height 240mm, width 194mm, depth 89mm 
Inlets / Outlets: 3 (circular inputs) 
Maximum cable diameter: 12mm 
Number of trays: 2 
Tray capacity: 12 welds 
Maximum weld capacity: 24

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