NFO Splice Closure, Horizontal, 6 inputs/outputs

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TELCOLINE T-TH005 96F horizontal fiber optic coupler provides  long-lasting protection for welds and branching applications against external factors. It has been equipped with 6 inputs / outputs (2xΦ16mm, 2xΦ20mm, 2xΦ23mm). It was made in high quality plastic resistant to low (-40 ° C), high (+ 60 ° C) temperature and UV radiation. The flat design allows it to be used in locations with limited space. It was designed in such a way that the installation was carried out in a quick and easy way. 

Dimensions: 450x220x160 mm 
Weight: 3.5kg 

– keys to open / close 
– fastening tape, 
– sealing tape, 
– weld seams, 
– sandpaper, 
– self-adhesive labels,
– suspension hooks,

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