NFO Splice Closure, 2 inputs, 16 outputs, Wall or Pole mount

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Wall-mounted distributor TELCOLINE GFP-16Dhas two inputs for the main cables and 16 outlets for subscriber cables. It has been designed for wall or pole mounting. Its design allows easy assembly of splitters and adapters and good access to placing welds and fiber organization. The sealed casing is made of high quality plastic resistant to water, dust, moisture and chemical contamination, UV radiation and temperature (-40 ° C … + 60 ° C). The configuration of the assembly elements and the method of making the enclosure closure allows easy access in the event of maintenance or installation of new system components. The twisted inputs on the main cables allow the installation of a distribution cable without having to cut all the fibers. Coupler for use both inside and outside the facility.

Technical data:
– Working temperature in the range -40 ° ~ + 60 ° C
– Tray for welds – tiltable
– Protection degree: IP65

– Splice covers
– Plastic clamps
– Protective tube for the distribution of fibers
– Output chokes for consumer cables
– Pins and screws for wall mounting
– Key for closing the door

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