NaviaTec SD SeriesNaviaTec SD Series

SD Series 300mm deep

19″ Wall Mount 300mm deep Network Cabinets


NaviaTec SD Series

Welded frame, stable structure with precise craftmanship;
• Single section, compatible with 19″ standard equipment;
Tempered Glass front door with over 180 turning degree;
Removeable side panel, easy to install and maintain (lock optional);
Cable entry on both top cover and bottom panel with knock-out plate;
L-shaped mounting profile, easy to adjust on the mounting rail;
120mm fan available: must be purchase seperate;
Installing back panel, easy to fix on the wall;
Usable Interior Depth 300mm

Comply with ANSI/EIA RS-310-D, IEC60297-2, DIN41494-Part1, DIN41494, Part7

SPCC Cold Rolled Steel

Thickness: Mounting profile: 1.2mm
others: 1.2mm

Powder Paint, light gray (RAL 7035)

Loading Capacity:
Static loading: 60kg

Heights Available: 6U, 9U, 12U, 15U

Main Parts:

S/N Specification Qty Material Surface finish Remark
1 Top Cover 1 SPCC t1.2 Powder coated
2 Bottom Panel 1 SPCC t1.2 Powder coated
3 Frame 2 SPCC t1.2 Powder coated
4 Mounting Profile 4 SPCC t1.5 Powder coated
5 Side Panel 2 SPCC t1.2 Powder coated Removable steel door
6 Front door 1  5MM toughed glass
door/ SPCCt1.2
Powder coated
7 lock 1 Galvinization Powder coated
8 M6 B-head screw and nut 10 Steel Color Zinc coated  –
9  Allen Wrench 1  Steel Black
10  Cable Entry Plate 2  SPCC t1.2 Powder coated  –
11 Installing back panel 1 SPCC t1.2 Powder coated  –

Ordering Info:

Model No. U Width Depth Height Packing dimension EAN Code
NVT-WCAB6U-S5430G 6U 600 300 370 620*320*390 3856016516038
NVT-WCAB9U-S5430G 9U 600 300 500 620*320*520 3856016516045
NVT-WCAB12U-S5430G 12U 600 300 637 620*320*655 3856016516052
NVT-WCAB15U-S5430G 15U 600 300 770 620*320*790 3856016516069


Optional Accessories Sold Seperate:

Model No. Description
NVT-SH-CL4825G-1U Cantilever Shelf 250mm deep 1U Capacity 10kg
NVT-PDU001 19″ cabinet 1U 6-outlet power distribution unit (6x schuko)
NVT-PDU003 19″ cabinet 1U 7-outlet power distribution unit (4x schuko, 2x IEC C13)
NVT-PDU006 19″ cabinet 2U 15-outlet power distribution unit (15x schuko)
NVT-PDU008 19″ cabinet 1U 8-outlet power distribution unit (8x schuko)
NVT-PDU009 19″ cabinet 1U 8-outlet power distribution unit (6x schuko, 2x IEC C13)
NVT-PDU010 19″ cabinet 1U 8-outlet power distribution unit with IEC320 C14 input connector(8x schuko)
NVT-PDU011 19″ 1U 8-outlet power distribution unit with IEC320 C14 input connector(6x schuko, 2x IEC C13)
NVT-CABMNGT-1U5B 1U plastic cable management with 5 rings
NVT-CABMNGT-1UB 1U metal cable management with cover
NVT-CABMNGT-1UBB 1U cable management with brush
NVT-FAN-1X One cooling fan with 2m power cable
NVT-FAN-2X Two cooling fans with 2m power cable
NVT-FAN-1U2X 1U 2-fans unit
NVT-FAN-2X+TCU 1U 2-fan with thermal control digital temp unit
NVT-FAN3U2X 3U 2-fans unit
NVT-M6-549 M6 screw + caged nut
NVT-PN1U-484B 19″ cabinet 1U blanking panel
NVT-PN2U-488B 19″ cabinet 2U blanking panel
NVT-PNL3U-481B 19″ cabinet 3U blanking panel
NVT-PNL4U-481B 19″ cabinet 4U blanking panel
NVT-CAT6-UPP331 Cat6 24-port unshielded patch panel for 19″ wide cabinet
NVT-CAT6-SPP275 Cat6 24-port shielded patch panel for 19″ wide cabinet
NVT-CAT6-SPP330 Cat6 16-port shielded patch panel for 19″ wide cabinet

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