SQ Series Single Section

19″ Wall Boxes Single Section


NaviaTec SQ Series

Welded Frame, reliable structure
Standing or wall mounting installation
Easy mounting installation
19″ standard installation
Removeable Side Panels
Cable entry on both top cover and bottom panel
120mm fan available: must be purchase seperate
Turning angle of front door is over 180 degrees

Comply with ANSI/EIA RS-310-D, IEC60297-2, DIN41494-Part1, DIN41494, Part7

SPCC Cold Rolled Steel
Thickness: 19″ rails: 1.2mm
others: 1.2mm


Loading Capacity:
Static loading: 50KG

Heights Available: 6U, 9U, 12U, 15U, 20U, 25U

Main Parts:

S/N Specification Qty Material Surface finish Remark
1 Frame 1 SPCC t1.0 Powder coated
2 Side panel 2 SPCC t1.0 Powder coated
3 Front door 1 5MM toughed glass Powder coated Small lock
4 19″ rails 4 SPCCt1.5 Powder coated
5 M6 screws and nuts 10 Steel Color zinc 20pcs for over 12U
6 Trox tooling 1 Steel Black


Ordering Info:

Model No. U Width Depth Height Packing dimension EAN Code Usable Interior Depth
NVT-WCAB6U-S5445G 6U 540 450 315 560*470*330
12,5 kg
3856016515567  365mm
NVT-WCAB6U-S5460G 6U 540 600 315 560*620*330
15 kg
3856016515611  515mm
NVT-WCAB9U-S5445G 9U 540 450 450 560*470*470
15,5 kg
3856016515574  365mm
NVT-WCAB9U-S5460G 9U 540 600 450 560*620*655
17 kg
3856016515628  515mm
NVT-WCAB12U-S5445G 12U 540 450 580 560*470*600
19 kg
3856016515581  365mm
NVT-WCAB12U-S5460G 12U 540 600 580 560*620*600
3856016515635  515mm
NVT-WCAB15U-S5445G 15U 540 450 715 560*470*730 3856016515598  365mm
NVT-WCAB15U-S5460G 15U 540 600 715 560*620*730 3856016515642  515mm
NVT-WCAB20U-S5445G 20U 540 450 935 560*470*950 3856016515604  365mm
NVT-WCAB20U-S5460G 20U 540 600 935 560*620*950 3856016515659  515mm
NVT-WCAB25U-S5460G 25U 540 600 1160 560*620*1180 3856016515666  515mm

Optional Accessories Sold Seperate:


Model No. Description
NVT-SH-4830G Fixed Shelf 485 x 300 for 450mm deep wall cabinet
NVT-SH-4845G Fixed Shelf 485 x 450 for 600mm deep wall cabinet
NVT-SH-CL4825G-1U Cantilever Shelf 250mm deep 1U Capacity 10kg
NVT-SH-CL4830G-2U Cantilever Shelf 300mm deep 2U Capacity 22kg
NVT-SH-CL4835G-2U Cantilever Shelf 355mm deep 2U Capacity 22kg
NVT-SH-CL4840G-2U Cantilever Shelf 400mm deep 2U Capacity 22kg
NVT-SH-CL4840G-3U Cantilever Shelf 400mm deep 3U Capacity 36,3kg
NVT-SH-CL4845G-2U Cantilever Shelf 457mm deep 2U Capacity 22kg
NVT-SH-CL4845G-3U Cantilever Shelf 457mm deep 3U Capacity 36,3kg
NVT-PDU001 19″ 1U 6-outlet power distribution unit (6x schuko)
NVT-PDU003 19″ 1U 7-outlet power distribution unit (4x schuko, 2x IEC C13)
NVT-PDU006 19″ 2U 15-outlet power distribution unit (15x schuko)
NVT-PDU008 19″ 1U 8-outlet power distribution unit (8x schuko)
NVT-PDU009 19″ 1U 8-outlet power distribution unit (6x schuko, 2x IEC C13)
NVT-PDU010 19″ 1U 8-outlet power distribution unit with IEC320 C14 input connector(8x schuko)
NVT-PDU011 19″ 1U 8-outlet power distribution unit with IEC320 C14 input connector(6x schuko, 2x IEC C13)
NVT-CABMNGT-1U5B 1U plastic cable management with 5 rings
NVT-CABMNGT-1UB 1U metal cable management with cover
NVT-CABMNGT-1UBB 1U cable management with brush
NVT-FAN-1X One cooling fan with 2m power cable
NVT-FAN-2X Two cooling fans with 2m power cable
NVT-FAN-1U2X 1U 2-fans unit
NVT-FAN-2X+TCU 1U 2-fan with thermal control digital temp unit
NVT-FAN3U2X 3U 2-fans unit
NVT-BKT-45B L-Bracket for 450mm deep cabinet
NVT-BKT-66B L-Bracket for 600mm deep cabinet
NVT-M6-549 M6 screw + caged nut
NVT-PN1U-484B 1U blanking panel for 19″ cabinet
NVT-PN2U-488B 2U blanking panel for 19″ cabinet
NVT-PNL3U-481B 3U blanking panel for 19″ cabinet
NVT-PNL4U-481B 4U blanking panel for 19″ cabinet
NVT-CAT6-UPP331 Cat6 24-port unshielded patch panel for 19″ wide cabinet
NVT-CAT6-SPP275 Cat6 24-port shielded patch panel for 19″ wide cabinet
NVT-CAT6-SPP330 Cat6 16-port shielded patch panel for 19″ wide cabinet
NVT-PNL1U-373B Cat6 24-port Blank patch panel for 19″ wide cabinet, NVT-JACK-372 sold seperate

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